The Tsugarusyu in Hirosaki City

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Hirosaki Castle in the spring season Japanese is here
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Hirosaki City is in Northern Japan. It is about 360 miles
Northeast of capital Tokyo.

Hirosaki castle was completed in 1611 and
housed several generations of lords of the Tsugaru Clan.
Cherry blossoms and Hirosaki Castle (Informations)
Cherry blossoms festival in 1999. (Photos gallery)
     Information: The Fistival will begin on April,17 until May,5 this year(2004)!
Access to Hirosaki City
The winter season of "Tsugaru District" in Aomori Pref.
Served 10 years in the Ship stations (Ship Name List)
Dispatched to Brazil for Expert of Data transmission
Sightseeing in Brasilia

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Hirosaki University
JASTA(Amateur Television)
JAMSAT(Amateur Satellite)
JARL(Amateur Radio)
(Hirosaki "NEPUTA") the Neputa festival
from August,1to August,7.  (every year)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Since March, 1998.          Last Updated: Jan.21,2019.
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