Gallery of the Cherry Blossoms and Hirosaki Castle

[History of Hirosaki City and Informations]
Hirosaki City is at central part of "Tsugaru district" in Aomori prefecture, it's about 365 miles Northeast of capital Tokyo and it takes about 6 to 7 hours from Tokyo station by the "New Tohoku line/Shinkansen" and "Highway Bus". The Cherry blossoms city and Castle town of Hirosaki has long history about 400 years since "Samurai-era".

Hirosaki City is the third largest City in Aomori prefecture. It has a population of about 170,000 and has a lot of snow in the winter season. I enjoy the snow festival and many kinds of winter sports. It's much colder than Tokyo all year round. There are "Old temples","Old castles","Old parks","Old shrines" and some other famous places.

I think that Hirosaki City is more beautiful than any other prefecture. Therefore , our city is very good for "Sight-seeing". Especially, in the spring season, I can enjoy the "CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL". Hirosaki City is very famous for producing fruits. They are "Apples","Persimmons" and some "grapes". Thank you very much for your attention. If you got a chance near future, then please visit Hirosaki City for Sight-Seeing. This is Hidetaka Sato.

*Hirosaki park is the grounds of Cherry blossom festival. The Festival will begin on March,25th every year and its 12 days run. The blossoms of 5,000 cherry trees set against a background of white castle walls and ancient pine trees make for a beautiful sight. Sharing sake beneath the cherry blossoms,citizens and visitors become intoxicated with spring. But, during the term of the Cherry Blossoms festival, you must pay a intrance fee (Adults \300 Children \100) to the inner Honmaru and Ninomaru areas of the park., Of course, some other place is an admission free.

*Hirosaki Park. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes on foot from JR Hirosaki Station.

From Aomori Airport to JR Hirosaki station by Bus about 55 minutes. From JR Aomori station to JR Hirosaki Station,it takes about 30min. to 1 hour. From Morioka Station to JR Hirosaki Stn by highway Bus / 2 Hours 20 minutes.

* A good starting point for sight-seeing in Hirosaki City and the surrounding Tsugaru region, the center is located in the Otemon Square next to Hirosaki park. Information about availability of lodging and places to visit can be obtained here. The center also houses a restaurant, a shop featuring souvenirs and local product and a display of traditional local crafts. Also in Otemon Square are the Float Pavillion and some beautiful examples of early Western-style architecture. Admission to the Sight-seeing information center is free.

* A Parking Place ( All charged )
A parking place of Hirosaki park and environs is all charged. Not HOUR but Time or 1 day for a unit. For example, City office(1 time/\1,500-\1,800), some other parking place (1 time/\1,500-\2,000). only during the term of "Cherry blossom Festival ". Usually, a charge is \200-\500 an hour.
* A Free Parking place----> A dry riverbed ( Iwaki river side). Distance is 1 mile from Hirosaki Park. It takes about 15 minutes on foot.

* Parking Place Map is here
otemon.jpg [Pursur's gate: Otemon]
View form Hirosaki City Office.
Seasonal Festival in Hirosaki City.

[Winter] Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festibal (early February)

[Spring] Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival(April,25-May,5)

[Summer] Hirosaki Neputa Festival (August 1st - 7th)

[Autumn] Hirosaki Castle Autumn Festival (early October- early November)
otemon1.jpg [The Front of Pursur's gate]

Very beautiful Cherry trees and Pursur's gate ( photograph on the right side)
shiro.jpg [Hirosaki Castle tower and Museum: Tensyukaku]
[Hirosaki Castle]

Hirosaki castle was completed in 1611 and housed several generations of lords of the Tsugaru Clan.

Surrounded by three concentric moats, earthen fortifications and 49.2 hectares of pine woods, the remains of the castle include five castle gates, three corner keeps and a castle tower.

After the original five-storied tower was struck by lightning and burned down in Sep.5th,1627. It was replaced by the current three-storied structure.
The castle grounds are now a public park famous for its cherry blossoms. The castle tower house a museum featuring Samurai-era swords, suits of armor, helmets and other items related to the castle's history.
The castle museum is open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., April,1st - November,23rd. Admission: Adults \200. Children \100. During the term of Cherry Blossom Festival admission to the castle is included with festival admission.
*Other photographs is here Cherry Blossoms reports toTOP
sakura.jpg sakura2.jpg
[a full-blown cherry,upside on a moat] [A full-blown cherry, near by bridge]